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My precious…

This post is long overdue.

The following shooting session has been made with my Nikon 50mm f/1.8D lens, using manual focus.









I hope this post doesn’t fall into the “here is my kitten” category 🙂

Small bits of Munich

Here are just a few pictures from Munich. More to come later.




Out of the mist…

Nothing planed, just pure chance, and nature at work.




Nigh time beauty

After a long break, I have a bunch of pics to share. I’ll start slowly with a few night shots. I hope I’ll have time to post the rest soon.

Start of a beautiful night…

Some shops in the passing light…

it’s almost dark….

…stars are already visible….

…and finaly, time for sleep under the clear sky. (that’s my window by the way)

Equipment used:

Camera – Nikon D40; Lens – Nikkor 50mm and 300mm

Windsor Castle

>travel log
>entry #1 windsor castle

Storm is coming…

The battle between light and darkness, on the walls of a castle.

Purple delight

A good combination of colors backed up by a beautiful lady.

… by the way, she is my fiancé